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Essays cover a large part of the vast English literature. They are written on a wide variety of subjects like books, poetry, drama, science and politics just to name a few. Essays can be long or short depending on the choice of the author. An essay depicts a story or a happening in the form of paragraphs.

Amazon.in brings you books that help you in essay writing. Their wide and endless collection provides you tips and tricks to master the art of essay writing. The Essay books on Amazon.in have been categorized according to hard cover, paperback, audio book and kindle eBooks. They are available in variety of languages like English, Tamil, Hindi, French and Spanish. You can add your item(s) to cart after selection to place your order online at Amazon.in.

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Essay books teach you how to write them perfectly, in lesser time than usual. The accurate use of prepositions and conjunctions along with better sentence formation are some of the basic rules behind a good essay. Also, these books teach you the purpose behind essay writing and whether the subject is showcased properly or not. It tells you how an essay should proceed like what content should come in the first Para and how to end an essay and likewise.

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Amazon.in brings you a comprehensive collection of books that have numerous essays written by the world’s best authors. The very popular book,’ A book of English Essays’ is a collection of some highly intriguing, serious and articulate essays. Albert Einstein’s '2 ideas & opinions' is a collection of thoughts and beliefs of this great scientist. This book shows how Einstein used to make everything simple for himself. His personality was so great and witty that he could penetrate into the heart of any subject with utmost ease. It is one of the greatest books of the 20th century.

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Amazon.in brings you two types of essay books, one that teaches you how to write essay and other that provides you with reference essays. By reading these books you get real insights on past and medieval times. They help you understand the psychology of various authors better while learning the art yourself. The book ‘Poetics’ by Aristotle is a stimulating book in English literature. It helps you understand the Greek theatre and literature better. This book explains the reasons and occurrence of some very effective tragedies of that time. If you love poetry you will surely appreciate the work done in this book.

Be it school or college, writing essays never goes out of fashion. This particular skill is tested in post graduate entrance examinations as well like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, etc. Make the most of these books to be a master in essay writing. Buy your copy exclusively at Amazon.in.

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