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While I was on my tour of this college, everyone was very welcoming. I felt like I was right at home and that it was be an easy transition for me from high school. I enjoyed the friendly and encouraging environment. I was very pleased with the small class size as well as how involved the professors are in the students' education and goals. I do not think I would personally change a thing about the college itself besides adding a golf team because I enjoy golf.
I love my college. The staff is so caring and they always push you to do more. I believe so much in myself because of these past years. There is practically no student involvement but that's okay because my main focus was graduating.
Personally, I like the system of the college. For example, they are very organized when it comes to letting students register for classes. Georgia Gwinnett also provides many opportunities to aid students both financially and academically. Overall, it is a fun college experience because they provide support for every student's learning experience.
I'm a high school senior about to attend this school. From what I've been shown online and on campus, this school provides lots of opportunities for students to grow and learn within their major and other subjects that they enjoy. If there isn't a class for a certain subject(which most likely there is), there's a student-formed club for it. Not only that, but the campus is beautiful and very home-like. I'm very excited to attend this school in the near future.
So far I love this place! It is a very friendly, open place! Students are always able to be involved in something because there is always something going on. The teachers are amazing, they teach me the material and then more. I feel suuuuper prepared for anything to come my way now.
The classes are small so it's easy to have discussions with the class and professor. It is also easier to have one-on-one time with the teacher. The school has a beautiful environment and makes it easy to learn.
Beautiful campus, understanding teachers, not expensive. Overall a great place to start your college experience!!!
My experience at GGC has been very calm, cool, and collected. I really love the various activities and classes that are on campus. I also love the dorms, campus scenery, and don't forget the food. I hope all incoming freshmen will enjoy their time here like I am.
Georgia Gwinnett College is a good start for transferring to a bigger university as a base. I like it because the tuition is affordable compare to other school around my area. The campus isn’t that big so finding my classes is easy and not a far distance. They also have a lot of parking options as welll. The food their is good, we have chick-fil-a, moes, panda, Starbucks and the dinning hall. The teacher here are nice and the work load isn’t a lot (homework, assignments ,etc) for what I’ve seen so far. Over all the school is very nice and it’s a good place to start your college education !
I like Ggc because of the location . I also love some of the professor,they give you the impression that with alittle more commitment you can achieve what you put your mind too and it will seem like a breeze .They are understanding and they make the studies where you can get it. I wish there was more professional professor that wanted to be there to understand and teach the students.
Georgia Gwinnett College is a great school and has so much room and potential to grow. Although it has been around for just a little over five years it has an amazing curriculum. I would like to see them match the rate they are growing population wise with how they build, which is the only problem I have, it seems as if that the board at the school doesn't realize how fast the school is growing. For instance, the school has a break from 2-3:30, which makes it a mess trying to go get lunch or leave campus. That would have been a great communal aspect when the school first started but now it just seems unnecessary and out of the way. Other than them needing to match infrastructure with population no complaints.
GGC is an overall pretty good school. The diversity here is fantastic! It's pretty impossible to go here for four years and not make a friend from another country. This school also offers a lot of opportunities for students to thrive and be involved in a lot of interesting extracurricular activities. Class sizes are an average of 26 students per class which makes the learning environment be on a more personal level than most universities.
They really help you and understand the personal life still goes on around us. It’s not just College,College, College. To them they care about you being successsful and don’t believe that money should stop anyone from getting an education. And the teacher staff are so understanding and do everything they can to help. I love he other students everyone is so friendly and the school does a whole bunch of little fun events around the school to get you involved.
First two years attending this college was amazing as a college student experience the college life. However as I attended for 3 more years, the college campus became overcrowded and the college system such as paying for its listed fees were unnecessary and unhelpful in pursuing my college degree. Parking is a nightmare. The infrastructure is always under construction since its next to a main highway. There is a scarcity in professors that actually have time to teach the material and to provide effective feedback. There are not even enough electives or courses to provide to the students. Although this college has its negatives, its best features are: its small class count for professors to engage with the students more effectively than a huge auditorium; its diversity in the students and professors; and the local area of the city for socializing.
I love going to Georgia Gwinnett College! The campus is beautiful and they offer so much help and activities to get you involve!
It is a great school because you get meet a lot of different people and the teachers teach very well.
The school is great but some things should change around there. Some professors are decent but there are some that lack of importance in communication when really needed.
The GGC campus is not large, but rather intimate compared to others. It is clean and well kept. And over the past year and a half, I've enjoyed my time spent thus far. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to kick start your college career, I recommend applying to GGC.

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Do you have your sights set on academic excellence? The GGC Honors Program may be the place for you.

Georgia Gwinnett College offers qualified students admission into the GGC Honors Program. This program offers students an integrated educational experience through enhanced opportunities in scholarship, leadership, service and creativity.

Overview of the Honors Program | Honors Program Student Learning Outcomes | GGC Honors Program Admission Policy | Honors Program Expectations and Requirements | Apply to Honors Program

Overview of the Honors Program

The GGC Honors Program provides an integrated educational experience that encourages students to demonstrate excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and creativity. The Honors Program challenges students to discover the deepest meanings of these core values and apply them to their studies, potential careers and daily lives. Program members participate in a rich and varied set of curricular and co-curricular experiences that challenge them academically; develop their creativity; enhance their leadership skills; and foster within them an abiding commitment to civic engagement.

Members are eligible for enrollment in: Honors versions of many core curriculum classes; Honors 1000, a one-credit, pass-fail Honors seminar designed for first-year students; and interdisciplinary Honors 3000 Special Topics seminars developed by faculty from disciplines across the College. Honors courses are limited in size and emphasize in depth discussions and active, student-centered learning in an engaging and supportive atmosphere. Members also have access to our Honors Learning Lounge and a range of special co- and extra-curricular programming, events and opportunities designed to enrich their college experience. 

In addition, Honors Program members may be able to graduate from the College “with honors” and their Honors Program membership noted on their transcripts and diplomas if they:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in college-level courses;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to leadership, creativity, scholarship and service;
  • Demonstrate mastery of the Honors Program Student Learning Outcomes; and
  • Remain enrolled at GGC and in the Honors Program for at least four semesters.

Honors Program Student Learning Outcomes

Members of GGC’s Honors Program are expected to demonstrate progress related to and eventual mastery of the following outcomes:

  • Effective multi-modal communication;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Critical thinking; and 
  • Civic engagement.

GGC Honors Program Admission Policy

Honors Program applications are reviewed holistically, and those students who desire admission into the GGC Honors Program must:

  • Have attained a GPA of 3.5 or higher;
  • Write an essay adhering to the guidelines and requirements contained in the "Honors Program Essay Instructions";
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a GGC faculty and/or staff member. Or, in the case of first-year or transfer students, a letter of recommendation from a faculty and/or staff member from the student’s previous institution; 
  • Successfully complete an interview conducted by the Honors Programs Selection Committee; and
  • Complete the GGC Honors Admission Application form, which requires students to give information about their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Honors Program Expectations and Requirements

Students accepted to the program are expected to:

  • Participate in and document at least one activity per semester related to each of the four core values;
  • Enroll in Honors versions of core curriculum courses when applicable and appropriate for a student's degree plan;
  • Attend one of two monthly meetings;
  • Play an active role in at least one service project each semester
  • Document their activities related to the four core values and the Honors Program outcomes for inclusion in a portfolio;
  • Represent the college appropriately at school functions and in the community; and
  • Abide by all schools policies and codes of conduct.

Students in the program are required to:

  • Enroll in and successfully complete the Honors 1000 1-credit seminar (open to all members but required of only first-year students);
  • Enroll in and successfully complete a minimum of two (2) Honors 3000 classes over the course of their time in the program;
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, barring extraordinary mitigating circumstances;
  • Remain active in the program for four or more semesters (in order to graduate with the Honors Program distinction); and
  • Maintain a portfolio demonstrating their commitment to the four core values and appropriate progress towards mastery of the program learning outcomes.


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