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Imagine this: You are at a McDonald’s drive through. You have ordered only one cheese burger, but when you drive up to the collection window, the young trainee hands you a big bag filled with food and a handful of change. There are two options, do you, A; tell the young trainee that you only ordered a cheese burger, (which cost you only $1.90) and give back to him the big bag of food and handful of change? Or do you, B; say thank you to the young trainee and drive off happily with the huge bag of food and all the change, feeling lucky that the trainee made a mistake with your order.

Of course, the first action suggested above, (A) is the honest and truthful way to resolve the problem. However, unfortunately, most of…show more content…

This in turn will agitate the people in the long line behind you even more.

In this particular scenario, the latter solution (B) is the morally correct action, even though it may agitate the people in the line, you are doing the right thing and being honest. Once again, most adolescents would act out the morally incorrect solution and see it as just a little bonus cash on behalf of the colour-blind checkout girl (even though most adolescents don’t do any shopping).

Imagine if you were that particular checkout girl. Because of the fact that you are colour-blind, you can barely tell the difference between the different banknotes apart from their size and the number in the top right hand corner. Your boss is looking over your shoulder to see how you are doing because he is waiting for the last customers to leave so that he can close the doors and go home for the night. He spots your mistake but the sinful adolescent has already left. After the gates have been closed, the store manager summons you to his office to have one of his ‘little chats’. You immediate think of the worst-case scenario, could you have been fired? When you reach his office, he vividly tells you about the mistake, which you had unknowingly made just minutes earlier. He then continues to tell you that the sum of money will be taken out of your fortnightly pay cheque. ‘Phew!’ You think to

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Essay on honesty and integrity within a

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Honesty and Integrity and How it Affects Unit Cohesion

Honesty, Integrity, and Trust are all key factors in the cohesion of a unit. Knowing you can trust the other preforming members in your respective unit, builds a good team building environment that leads to the highest quality of success and increase of morale within the unit. Honesty above all is not only expected, but is a standard within the 75th Ranger Regiment, It builds character within an individual soldier, creates and maintains teamwork within the inner workings of the unit, and also improves self discipline. Integrity is also another standard that is held highly within the 75th Ranger Regiment. Integrity shows a soldiers level of maturity, self discipline, and leadership…show more content…

This not only shows your lack of character as a soldier but also as a liability. Due to your inability to tell the truth, you are more of a problem and restraining your fellow comrades from completing whatever task or mission is at hand. This will not be authorized in any way shape or from within the 75th ranger regiment. It is stated in the 4th standing order within “Rogers' Rangers 19 standing orders” that honesty is vital. “4. Tell the truth about what you see and do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don't never lie to a Ranger or officer.” This shows all shows that you must have the integrity to be honest and become a trustworthy soldier among your ranks in any unit. Your prime responsibility as a soldier is to finish the task efficiently and as a Ranger it is to complete that task better than anyone else. Honesty is where it starts and your ability to follow up on that will improve the moral and cohesion within your respective unit. Be sure to have the integrity to do so, it is just as important to the improvement of you unit. Doing the right thing when no one is looking, being honest, and taking responsibility for your actions are all parts of integrity. It takes maturity to do the right thing, that maturity shows that you are more than capable as a soldier to complete any sort of task that is

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