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Essay Writing By Gabi Duigu  is a fully comprehensive resource for passing IELTS Writing Task 2 section of the IELTS test with a grade of 6.5-7.0 or higher.

Book Description:

For most students sitting the IELTS Test, Writing Task 2 is the most difficult part of the IELTS test.

This book will help IELTS learns hike up IELTS Writing score by describing a step-by-step approach to writing essays for the IELTS Academic Writing Module Task 2 and for other similar essay tasks. It also provides exercises to practise the stages individually as well as giving a list of typical essay topics, and there are model essays.  The Answer Key provides explanations as well as answers.

This book:
■ takes you step by step through all the stages of essay writing:
• analysing the topic
• finding the right ideas
• organising the ideas
• using the right language

■ provides precise and practical explanations of the
principles of essay writing

■ gives plenty of examples and models

■ gives meaningful and directly relevant exercises, with clear, objective and explanatory answers in the Answer Key.

Students will find that it is easy to use this book for self study.

This book has been extensively used in classrooms. It is highly effective for discussion and group work in class. This is a companion book toVisuals: Writing about Graphs, Tables and Diagrams.


Main Content:

Stage 1: The Question
1. Understanding the Question
2. Analysing the Question

Stage 2: Selecting and presenting ideas
3. Finding ideas (Brainstorming, finding more ideas, using examples, the “what if not” situation, looking at the other side)
4. Selecting ideas (Solutions to Problems, evaluation, classification of ideas, types of classification, selecting relevant ideas, level of generalization, overgeneralisation and exaggeration)
5. Organizing ideas (Ranking ideas, consequences, comparisons, alternatives, speculation)

Stage 3: Writing
6. Using the right grammar, vocabulary and style
7. The Sections of the essay (The introduction, the body, the conclusion)
8. Style (Modifiers, overgeneralization, overemphasis, understatement and confusion, waffle, formulaic and thoughtless writing, immature writing, cultural differences in style)
9. Proof reading

About Author:

Gabi Duigu has been teaching English for Academic Purposes and Test Preparation in many countries, and to students from even more countries,
for over 30 years.
She has been an IELTS examiner since 1990.

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Essay Writing By Gabi Duigu (Ebook)

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