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Assignment: Ada

Method of

Complete the main game

"Mission Objective: Collect 5 Plaga Samples and head towards the rendevous checkpoint!"
— Mission Objective stated at the start of the mission.

Assignment: Ada, also known as Ada the Spy in some regions, is a non-canon minigame featured in Resident Evil 4 unlocked after completing the game.


The minigame's plot involves Ada collecting a number of plaga samples as ordered by Albert Wesker (as opposed to collecting the single control plaga sample like in the main game). Ada does so and then reports back to Wesker that the mission was completed. She also states that Krauser was killed despite the implication that he had actually survived.

Although the plot is non-canon, it is interesting to note the ending scene has one of the biggest allusions to Resident Evil 5 in that Albert Wesker talks about "Significant changes in our world".


Ada wears a unique costume in the minigame which is a military-style uniform as opposed to her red dress as in the main game.

The game begins at the beginning of the island at Wharf A and ends at the Communications tower. The item layout on the map has been reworked for the minigame and pesetas and treasures are not found or used at all. The player must find the five samples of the Las Plagas parasite which are marked on the player's map. The only enemies featured are Ganado militia, Gatling Men, and Jack Krauser as the "boss" in the final area the player must defeat to get the last Plaga Sample.

The minigame is relatively short and is meant to be completed in one play-through as there are no save points during it. Ada starts the game with 6 & 2/4 Bars of health and has a slightly faster movement speed than Leon. The Plaga Samples Ada must collect take up space in the inventory instead of the Keys & Treasures menu.


Ada begins the game with a set loadout with the default size case. In the GameCube and PlayStation2 versions, she doesn't have a knife. In all other releases, she does. There are no other weapons to find besides Hand Grenades & ammo and the Merchant does not appear at all. Ada has the following items and firearms with the following stats;

  • Handgun Ammo x30
  • TMP Ammo x50
  • Rifle Ammo x5
  • Hand Grenade
  • First Aid Spray
  • Scope (semi-auto rifle)
Weapon Firing Power Firing Speed Reload Speed Capacity
PunisherLv:6/6 (1.9) Lv:3/3 (0.33) Lv:2/3 (1.47) Lv:4/6 (20)
TMPLv:6/6 (1.2) Lv:1/1 (0.10) Lv:2/3 (1.93) Lv:3/6 (100)
Rifle (semi-auto)Lv:6/6 (15.0) Lv:1/1 (1.43) Lv:2/3 (1.90) Lv:2/6 (12)

Plaga Sample locationsEdit

"A powerful parasite specimen, powerful enough to change the fate of the world."

Each Plaga Sample takes up 1x2 spaces of inventory. Due to them being mandatory in order to complete the scenario Plaga Samples are the only items in the game that cannot be discarded after putting them in the Attache Case.

Area Location
Freezer roomIn the same place where the Infrared Scope was in the main game.
SurgeryHeld by a corpse in the larger room.
Confinement roomIn the very back of the holding room.
Culture roomIn the very center of the lab area with all the shelves.
Communications towerDropped by Krauser after defeating him.


  • In the GameCube and PlayStation2 versions, Ada has no knife, so try and conserve ammo and, to open multiple crates, line them up and shoot them in one bullet using the Punisher.
  • Try to not get carried away with the Punisher's high rate of fire.
  • Single-fire the TMP when possible to conserve ammo.
  • Using The TMP full-auto is best saved to be used against shielded militia in close range, or multiple enemies, due to its high fire rate and high bullet consumption.
  • Ada's melee attacks, Fan Kick and Back Kick, are particularly useful, due to your lack of a knife, and need to conserve ammo.
  • Try to avoid Gatling Men whenever possible. They're relatively easy to flank in most presented situations, and not worth wasting ammo over, unless you are in dire need of a First Aid Spray or a Hand Grenade.
  • Krauser is really easy to beat if you do this correctly. When he appears, dodge his attacks and run to the door you originally came from. Then equip your sniper rifle. Reenter the room where Krauser is. He will charge at you from the far end of the walkway, using his plaga arm as a shield. Try and snipe his knees before he reaches you. if you do, when he staggers, try and shoot either his head or upper chest. Repeat that until he reaches you. Just before he reaches you, re-enter that door again, reload and re-enter Krauser's room again. He spawns at the very end of the catwalk. Repeat what's above until he's dead. Grenades are more risky, due to their range, but also work well too if you can time it right. Sustained TMP fire at his knees is also effective. On the Wii, Xbox Live and PSN versions, do this same tactic, but try knifing him when he drops to his knee. This is very useful in speed running, as it only takes a few slashes to defeat him.
  • Discard the Scope for the Semi-Auto Sniper since it's basically useless, this might help when collecting Plaga Samples since you need them in your Attache Case.
  • After the fight with Krauser, no more enemies appear. Anything other than the first four Plaga samples may be discarded to make space in the inventory for the final sample.

Yellow HerbsEdit

Due to Ada's low health, Yellow Herbs are vital in order to stay alive and take more hits. There are seven in the minigame. Collecting them all raises Ada's max health from 6 & 1/2Bars to 8 1/4 Bars.

Area Location
Wharf A In a small box on top of the cliff reached by using the "CLIMB UP" command in the beginning of the area.
Wharf A In the room that Gatling Man comes out of, behind the sand bags.
Wharf BAfter going up the ladder, in the cave with the grenade chest in it, by the crack in the wall where you can see the grenade chest.
Autopsy Room Behind a glass protected shelf.
Confinement room After the hallway in the actual room, in the right-hand corner of the room.
InfirmaryIn the small room at the end of the hall on the desk.
Culture room In the back of the lab area with all the shelves beside a Green Herb and a Red Herb.


There is no formal results screen displayed at the end of Assignment: Ada. However, a unique credits sequence plays consisting of cutscenes from the main game but with Leon in his Special 1 costume and Ada in her costume from The Mercenaries minigame (The R.P.D uniform and Resident Evil 2 dress respectively).

In the Gamecube version, beating the minigame will unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the main game, in all subsequent releases, however, the weapon unlocks for use in Separate Ways instead.

  • Special Costumes

    After beating the game the first time, when starting a new game or playing a Round Two game, a new option appears that allows for Leon and Ashley to wear special costumes. Leon wears an R.P.D. uniform, Ashley wears pop sensation clothes, and Ada wears her black outfit from her mini-game.

    Contributed by: Reaper 

  • Free Ammo

    When you upgrade any weapon's capacity at a merchant, he will refill the magazine free of charge. This is very helpful with the magnum, or TMP

    Contributed by: TheJackyl 

  • Looking at Ashley the wrong way

    When Ashley is following you find something somewhat high off of the ground and climb on top. Then tell Ashley to stay put. Go below where you left Ashley standing. When you are underneath and you try to move the C-Stick up to look at Ashley, she will ask Leon what is he looking at and call him a pervert.

    Contributed by: Absolut Carnage 

  • Broken Butterfly

    In the hall south of the hedge maze there is a locked door. Return to that area with Ashley, piggy back with her and she will unlock the door.

    Contributed by: Undergrads2003 

  • Killer7 Endorsement

    Later in the game, the Merchant has a gun called "Killer7". This powerful magnum shares the name of an upcoming title by Capcom called "Killer 7".

    Contributed by: samthebigkid 

  • Free Eggs

    At any location with chickens, you can sometimes find eggs. If you save nearby, then reset the game and reload your file, then run around in circles in an area with chickens, in about 1-5 minutes, more eggs will be laid! Free health if you ever need it! Best area to do this is the farm.

    Contributed by: BlueTaco 

  • Hidden Trailers

    If you don't push any buttons at the title screen. Then after about a minute or so a never-before-seen trailer will play. If you do the same thing at the title screen after the 1st trailer has played then the trailer from The Tokyo Game Show of 2004 will play. It will play these 2 trailers for as many of times as you don't push any buttons at the title screen.

    Contributed by: lgndryhr 

  • Title Screen Controls (for the Alternative Title Screen)

    Use these controls during the title screen.
    C-stick moves the backround left and right.
    R zooms in backround.
    L zooms out backround.

    Contributed by: K Prime04 

  • Get extra money and items

    At various points throughout the game, you will come across different animals such as crows and fish. These animals can be shot and will reveal different items or amounts of money to obtain.

    Contributed by: DVDMAN77 

  • Alternate Ada Scene

    After your second encouter with The Village Chief head straight back to the previous room where you met him. A scene will occur where Ada saves you from The Village Cheif again.

    Contributed by: Asuka Kazama 

  • Del Lago Secret

    When you first enter the area where you fight Del Lago, the monster in the water, head down to the dock. If you shoot the water about eight to fifteen times, you will get see what he thinks of you.

    Contributed by: Neo Ganon 

  • Alternate music in ''Assignment Ada'' credits

    After you watch the credits at the end of "Assignment Ada" it will ask you if you would like to watch the credits again. Choose "yes" and it will play the credits again but with different music.

    Contributed by: K Prime04 

  • Extra Scene With Luis

    During the part where Leon and Luis defend the cabin, shoot Luis with your pistol (or any other gun) around 8 or more times. You will get a cut scene where Luis will shoot Leon back, and give you a game over.

    Contributed by: BishtrainerTai16 

  • Ambush Congregation in the Castle for $$

    In the castle area, right after engaging the Bugs in the sewers, you will see a large group of Ganados Zealots in mid prayer. If you spook them they will run away, and you miss out on ALOT of money. Right before the sewer they give you a flash grenade. SAVE IT. When preparing the ambush on the congregation, go north then swing across the chandelier. When on the other side look down, and try to hit them all with a flash grenade to stun. Immediately jump down and run north to their exit point so you lock them in. If you have an incendiary or frag grenade you could use it here, other wise line them up for some shotgun carnage. They will each drop a spinel and their leader drops an Illuminados pendant, worth around 32000 altogether.

    Contributed by: Runner16 

  • Hidden Conversation With Hunnigan.

    Near the church in Chapter 1-3, instead of going up to the church, take the path towards the lake. This will trigger a conversation with Hunnigan, where Leon stumbles with words.

    Contributed by: Phyre_2 

  • Leon does jet ski jump.

    In the final area when Leon and Ashley are on the jet ski, if you press the L & R buttons and jump just before you do this, Leon will do a spin on the jet ski.

    Contributed by: Megaman1981 

  • Extra Enemies

    This trick will summon cannon fodder your way. In the graveyard area, with the church where Ashley is actually held, there is a bell tower connected to the church (to its right). If you ring it, they will come. You can shoot it three times only. The first and second waves of enemies will come from the cave entrance and the third will come from the bridge area.

    Contributed by: s96noopnoskcid 

  • How to make the Gatling Gun appear without allowing the red monk to use it

    In the castle, there is a glitch where you can make the Gatling Gun appear without allowing the red monk to operate it.

    First, progress normally and let the red monk escape. Once you return to the turret room, he will be operating the gatling gun. Immediate leave the room and return to the main hall with the merchant and save.Load the game and re-enter the turret room. You need to chase the red monk again until he returns to the turret room. When you return to the turret room, the turret will be raised, but the red monk will be standing outside of the turret ring! Without the turret on his side, finish him with ease!

    Contributed by: Maehara Shinobu 

  • Quickly reload your weapon

    Whenever you have the chance to dodge (A and B, or L and R), if you are in the middle of a reload (Or just started one), and you perform the dodge, after you dodge your weapon you will have a full clip of ammo, as if you fully reloaded it. Useful for fighting bosses where you don\'t have a lot of time, or when you must reload an item that would normally take awhile (Such as the Broken Butterfly).

    Contributed by: SirPenguin 

  • How to avoid the first battle with Krauser in the fortress

    When you enter the fortress and trigger the conversation with Krauser, immediately run forward to the shack with the locked door. Examine the door and the light will switch to red.

    It will take a few minutes before the door automatically unlocks. Smash the boxes on both floors for items.Meanwhle, Krauser will come to hunt you down. However, you can avoid the battle completely! Instead of wasting ammo and losing health to confront him until he uses the flash grenade, simply climb the ladder up and down! Krauser cannot hurt you when you climb the ladder!Repeat the ladder climbing process until the door unlocks!

    Contributed by: Maehara Shinobu 

  • Extra Colored Eyes treasures

    Before you enter the clocktower section, if you destroy the Novistador nest, a lot of Red / Blue / Green Eye treasures will be dropped.

    Contributed by: Maehara Shinobu 

  • Extra ammo

    When in the cabin with Luis (and Ashley), fighting the Ganados coming through the windows, stand by Luis. If you stand near him for long enough, he will start throwing handgun ammo to you.

    Contributed by: snake138 

  • Instant KO against gatling gun Ganados

    When you get to the second wave of enemies when Mike is helping you, destroy the guns with the Infinite Rocket Launcher BEFORE you enter that area. Once you go past the shutters, the Ganados will rush to their posts, but only to die immediately. It will also work with the regular Rocket Launcher, but that only has one shot, so... yeah.

    Contributed by: falcofan88 

  • Krauser's Secret Weaknesss

    Normally, The knife is a last ditch, limited range, very weak weapon, Dealing less than 5/8 the damage of an unupgraded handgun. In the timed fight versus krauser, If you knife him in the head it deals about 40x the damage that it would normally inflict. It saves ammo, and is as strong as a powerful magnum.

    Contributed by: jacob91 

  • Detect Cloaked Parasites

    When you walk into a room you suspect the parasite things inhabit. Use the laser and move it around the room. It will glow brighter if one is there.

    Contributed by: XXSolarXX 

  • 100% hit rate with Infinite Rocket Launcher.

    To do this, you need at least one normal weapon, and the Infinite Rocket Launcer.

    At the begining of each chapter hit an enemy with any weapon once (any weapon other than the IRL) You can then fire away at anything with the Rocket Lancher, no matter if you hit or miss an enemy, and you will get 100% hit rate at the end of the chapter.
    This happens because the game does not register the Rocket Launcher hits like the other weapons hits.

    Contributed by: koyuga 

  • Bypassing the Los Gigantos boss fight.

    When you reach the underground Castle area in which you have to fight two El Gigantes, you can bypass this difficult fight entirely. Climb the ladder and ride the zip line down to the trap door switch. Run back and do this over and over again really fast. Eventually you'll be able to get to the zip line before the actual zip line does, and riding it down will trap you inside the wall. From there, turn right and walk through the wall past the locked door. This bypasses the fight entirely, because you're glitch-walking behind the spot where the cutscene for the fight is supposed to take place.

    Contributed by: UltimaterializerX 

  • ''Assignment Ada'' Mini-Game

    Complete the main game once"Assignment Ada" Mini-Game

    Contributed by: dominator912 

  • Harder Difficulty

    In Professional difficulty, everything is the same except for the fact that enemies are alot tougher to kill.

    Complete the main game once on Normal difficulty"Professional" difficulty

    Contributed by: dominator912 

  • Unlock "Exclusive" Upgrades

    Once you have fully upgrades every stat for a specific weapon, you can purchase an expensive "Exclusive" upgrade for that weapon.

    Note: Killer7 has no "Exclusive" Upgrade.
    completely upgrade Semi-auto rifle0.40 fire speed for Semi-auto rifle
    completely upgrade TMP1.8 firepower for TMP
    completely upgrade Riot Gun10 firepower for Riot Gun
    completely upgrade Matilda100 max ammo for Matilda
    completely upgrade Striker Shotgun100 max ammo for Striker
    completely upgrade Rifle18 firepower for Rifle
    completely upgrade Blacktail3.4 firepower
    completely upgrade Red95 firepower for Red9
    completely upgrade Broken Butterfly50 firepower for Broken Butterfly
    completely upgrade Mine ThrowerHoming missle for Mine Thrower
    completely upgrade Handgunincrease chance for head shot by 5X
    completely upgrade ShotgunIncrease firepower for distant targets
    completely upgrade PunisherPenetrate up to five bodies

    Contributed by: Troy Mclure 

  • Bottle Caps

    After you enter the Castle, and go through the Hall of Water(Y' Know.... that place that you have to protect Ashley as she turns the Cranks) to the Observation Hall. Next to the Merchant, A blue door with golden gun engravements lies in wait. Go through the door and begin the Target Practice game. Select Game Type A to begin a game. During certain portions of the game, other blue doors similar to this can be found. Enter them and finsh the Target practices by fetting 3000 points or higher to get 6 bottle caps. After you get 6, talk to the merchant and end the game. If you collected 6 different caps of the same game type, you will get some pesetas.

    Score 4000 or more on Game Type A. Alternately, hit all of the targets on Game Type AAda Wong
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type AAshley Graham
    Score 4000 or more on Game Type B. Alternately, hit all of the targets on Game Type BBella Sisters
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type BDon Diego
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type BDon Esteban
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type BDon Jose
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type BDon Manuel
    Score 4000 or more on Game Type C. Alternately, hit all of the targets on Game Type CDon Pedro
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type BDr. Salvador
    3000 or more points in Game D.Isabel
    4000 or more points in Game D. Hit all targest in Game D except Ashley.J.J.
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type CLeader Zealot
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type ALeon with Handgun
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type ALeon with Rocket Launcher
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type ALeon with Shotgun
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type ALuis Sera
    3000 or more points in Game D.Maria
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type CMerchant
    3000 or more points in Game D.Soldier w/ dynamite
    3000 or more points in Game D.Soldier w/ hammer
    3000 or more points in Game D.Soldier w/ stun-rod
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type CZealot with Bowgun
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type CZealot with Scythe
    Score 3000 or more on Game Type CZealot with Shield

    Contributed by: Masterbobo3, ochigawa 

  • ''The Mercenaries'' Mini-Game and Characters

    Get a four-star rating in the Pueblo map of The MercenariesAda Wong for use in The Mercenaries
    Get a four-star rating in the Waterworld map of The MercenariesAlbert Wesker for use in The Mercenaries
    Get a four-star rating in the Island Commando Base map of The MercenariesHunk for use in The Mercenaries
    Get a four-star rating in the Castle map of The MercenariesJack Krauser for use in The Mercenaries
    Complete the main game onceThe Mercenaries Mini-Game

    Contributed by: dominator912 

  • Alternate title screen

    Complete the game once.Alternate Title Screen

    Contributed by: Wario64 

  • Chicago Typewriter

    Finish minigame assignment AdaChicago Typewriter

    Contributed by: Biohazard79 

  • Unlock the Handcannon

    In the course of the mercenaries game, you can unlock extra characters by completing the maps with a high score, in addition to secret characters, you can also unlock weapons. The total cost of the Handcannon's upgrades is 790,000 pesetas.

    Get a five-star rank with all characters on all stagesHandcannon
    Fully upgrade the Handcannon's firepower, reload, and capacity. The 'exclusive' option then raises the attack power to 99.9 and gives infinite ammo.Unlimited Ammo Handcannon

    Contributed by: Ren Keron 

  • Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher And Matilda Handgun

    Beat the game to unlock the Matilda handgun and the Infinite Rocket Launcher. The items will be unlocked for purchase at any merchant if you load up a "Round 2" game save. The weapons come with a hefty price, too.

    Beat the gameInfinite Rocket Launcher
    Beat the gameMatilda Handgun

    Contributed by: asianlightning 

  • Unlocking the Punisher Pistol

    When the guy who runs around and sells you upgrades for weapons, he has a secret "quest" for you.

    Search 2 areas of the game for the blue medallions & shoot them (there are 15 altogether).Punisher Pistol

    Contributed by: Undergrads2003 

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