Tribulation Definition The Chrysalids Essay

John Wyndham's The Chrysalids Tribulation Vs. Nuclear War

The Chrysalids Tribulation Vs. Nuclear War
The people of Waknuk are irrational and are oblivious to the fact that their beliefs are aimless. Waknuk is located in Labrador just outside of the place the old people call the Fringes. What the people of waknuk thought happened to the world was punishment from god, they called this tribulation. Their thoughts on tribulation had no proof, other than a book called The Repentances which they had no idea where it was from, only that it was from the old peoples time. Tribulation was most likely nuclear war because radiation is probably causing these deviations in the book The landforms also match up to what looks to be Labrador Canada. The people of Sealand could have been post apocalyptic survivors as well as just not following a blind faith.

Radiation in the book proves to be the most probable scenario when it comes to the deviations in the book. The Black Coasts in the book are the detonation site of the bomb. They are so full of radiation that some parts of the Black Coasts have been turned to glass because of such an intense heat coming from the nuclear bomb. The Black Coasts had had on inhabitants because you would die if you were to walk to far in. This is was probably because of radiation poisoning. The book was also written in the mid 1950’s when there was the Cold War going on between the United States of America and the U.S.S.R., so there was a very big scare at the time of a nuclear war. When John Wyndham Wrote the book that was just a thought in his mind on what the future could be. Radiation is supports the nuclear war idea, but the placement landmasses in the book sounds a lot like the real world.
The landforms in the book match up to the real world, so if John Wyndham is writing about real life it also supports the idea of a nuclear war. Labrador is were waknuk is located and were the most of the book is held. It has the same name as Newfound land and Labrador, found in Canada. Waknuk is most likely Wabush a city located south west in Labrador. The name was probably mispronounced after being passed down from generation to generation. The Black Coasts were south of Labrador in...

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689 words - 3 pages Often novels have many wonderful and exclusive themes. These themes represent author's views on many different aspects. Many authors use reflective themes to express their opinion on an ongoing event. A novel is usually based on several themes that represent author's views on a certain thing. Similarly, many themes which represent authors idea are used in the novel

Degradation and humiliation.

An utter and wholesale rejection or repudiation.

Without form or shape.

An explanation or justification of one's motives.

Capable of being cultivated or plowed.

Appearance to the eye or mind.

In Waknuk, a Blasphemy is a human mutant, or Deviance. If any person falls outside of the definition of man as described in the Repentances, then he or she is considered a Blasphemy, and inhuman.

A small flaw that spoils the overall appearance of something.

Referring to a chrysalis, the state of an insect transforming from one state to another. As the title of the book, Chrysalid is a reference to the evolution of humanity to become people who think-together.

A system of religious belief.

Deviance, or Deviation, is the Waknuk term used to describe any person, animal, or plant that does not conform to their ideas of being genetically pure. Deviation is closely associated with the Devil.

One who insists upon imposing a doctrine of beliefs even in the face of practical considerations that such an imposition would adversely affect.

Fervent adherent to conventional doctrine; a devotee.

Brazen and shameless rude display of cocky self-confidence; bold impudence.

Change and adaptation over time.

Adjective describing something large or powerful that inspires fear or respect.

Associating or socializing with an existing group.

The area to the southwest of Waknuk where the land is considered to be wilder—i.e. with genetic mutations—and where the outcasts of Waknuk society live.

Unnecessary interest in something.


To an unsatisfying degree; lacking the necessary qualities to be convincing.

Keenly perceptive; trenchantly observant.

Showing lack of respect for something that is usually treated respectfully.

The Island where Labrador and Waknuk are located; Newf is geographically where the island of Newfoundland is today, in the east of Canada in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The greater civilized region where Waknuk is located, inside the Island of Newf. It was named Labrador because the Waknuk people believe that was the name the Old People used; in fact, Labrador is the Northern region of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dismal and melancholic, depressing; morose; somewho who is a real Captain Bringdown.

To socialize.

An Offence is a farm animal/livestock or crop that is found to be genetically mutated in some way. They are cleansed by holding Purification ritual.

The people who existed before the current civilization. The only information the current people have about the Old People is the Bible, and another religious text written by Nicholson, called the Repentances.

Hard to interpret; confusing.

A pair of baskets that can be put over the back of an animal to carry a load on both sides.

Without any sense of excitement of daring; utterly ordinary.

Agitated and troubled to the point of being disconcerted.

Disrespectful of religion.

Endowed with a sense of favorable outcome and optimistic expectation.

To create rules of prohibition; to forbid.

A project to salvage or recover.

Nicholson's Repentances is the main religious text of Waknuk, the text that Waknuk uses to define the True Image of man. Nicholson wrote the text after Tribulation, and the text was found hundreds of years after that in a stone coffer. The literal meaning is 'regret' or 'remorse'.

A holier-than-thou attitude.

Dirty and untidy, especially in relation to the appearance of a woman.

Too reticent to act; too bashful to dare; coyly flirtatious.

To disobey codes of conduct; to trespass the standards of morality.

According to Waknuk schooling, this is the event that God brought onto the “Old People” as punishment for their sinful way of living. Literally, tribulation means a cause of great trouble or suffering.

Reprehensible to the point of calling into the question the basic moral foundation at play.

The small farming community where David Strorm and his family lives.


A ghostlike image of a person; pale; thin; faint.

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