Unacceptable Advertising Essay

In today’s material world we are inundated with various forms of advertising and the problem as to which methods are admissible in its creation is of concern for many people. Some of them express their approval on unlimited variety of tools can be used by advertisers whereas other individuals claim that our community should be free from any form of violence, cruelty and immorality, especially in advertisements. From my point of view, I am convinced of the latter view owing to the following reasons.

To begin with, pouring money in advertising is a crucial factor that every company do to make their business prosperous and profitable. It must be conceded that people as a target audience are of great importance because the downturn or upturn in sales of a certain product depends on their decision to buy it or not. For that reason advertisers try to do their best to show their product handy and indispensable sometimes violating ethical norms. For example, Audi once showed an advertisement in which there was humorous comparison of car power and invalid chair. Although there was no ulterior motive that promo was considered inadmissible by reason of immorality.

Secondly, in marketing there is a common belief that if you want people to spend their money on something you are offering, try to make their children interested in it by the inclusion in the advertisement cartoon characters or kids. Therefore , some promo makers in the pursuit of profit involve children in their business making them work the whole day long gratuitously not bothering about their age and working potential. It should also be stated that in most democratic countries child labor is forbidden.

All things considered, it seems to me that even if in the advertisement there is a deviation from generally recognized norms its is the government’s responsibility to carry out a strict supervision of such activity and close down those who allow in their advertisement the immoral element.

Advertisements have become increasingly popular these days. There have been numerous ways of advertisements in recent years, but the draw back is that not all of this methods of advertisements are acceptable and ethical in our society today. I can undoubtfully say that i completely agree with this viewpoint.

To begin with, there are a variety of ways in which advertisements are being carried out these days that are inappropriate. Advertisements on mobile phone is a typical example of an unacceptable method of advertisement in our society. For Instance, in my country, where this so called network providers can freely bombard people with unnecessary advertisement messages through SMS or sometimes even through phones calls is not acceptable. From a personal experience i had with MTN, they send at least five sms per day to their costumers advertising their goods and services. One particular incident i will never forget was when they called me around 2AM, at first i thought it was elder brother because he often call me that late. But low and behold i realized it was MTN after i answered the call they started advertising their new product, after countless outcry from the public about the invasion of their privacy by them. The government had to fine them 50000 naira and mandate that no advertisement or promotion should be done through mobile phones by an network provider, it can be clearly said that this kind of advertisement method is ethical.

Further method of advertisement that is unsocial for our society are some adverts through the internet or world wide web. Some adverts will just keep popping up in your browser and redirecting you to another site just to simply download their products, this can be really infuriating and irritating. For example, this site Tvshow4mobile.com is filled with such advertisements which forces people to buy and download their products by the constant redirection to their sale page. This kind of way of advertising is unacceptable to the society.

To conclude, looking at this discussion it is crystal clear that some ways of advertisement is inappropriate and immoral to our society as they invade our privacy and force us to buy or download there goods and services. Eloquently speaking this needs to stop as government and individuals needs to stop this

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