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There are hundreds of different careers in the medical field ranging from neurosurgeons to nurse practitioners. Psychiatry deals specifically with the diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional ailments. The main purpose of a psychiatrist is to help people coop with issues and stress in their environment that make it difficult to lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. These issues may arise from abuse, addiction, mental disability, disease, or physical injury. It is the psychiatrist’s job to ensure the patient can maintain a healthy attitude and continue to provide for themselves. A Psychiatrist may choose to specialize in many sub classes of mental health including children and adolescents, geriatric psychiatry, addiction,…show more content…

For example, an out-patient psychiatrist, who has his/her patients schedule appointments and come in on a regular basis, has a much different job than that of a psychiatrist working in a rehabilitation center or hospital. While the job description may vary from setting to setting, the education required to be work in any mental health is incredibly difficult. As with all health care professions, the education required to be work in mental health is lengthy and almost overwhelmingly expensive. The educational process generally begins with acquiring four years of undergraduate school and a bachelor’s degree. After this, one would be required to complete four years of medical school. The last two years would include clinical rounds and training in psychiatry and internal medicine. Following the eight years prior, the aspiring physician would be required to complete a four year internship to finish their residency and become a full-fledged medical doctor. To then specialize in psychiatry, one must acquire at least two years of courses pertaining to their specialization, and possibly more depending on the exact field of medicine. Finally, the young doctor would take a licensure exam to acquire their medical license. This license would allow them to legally practice medicine and begin a long and worthwhile career. Although this may seem like an awfully large amount of

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The Career Psychiatrist

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The Career Psychiatrist

Why would anyone in this world want to become a psychiatrist? To me I think
that mental illnesses are important to this world. That's because millions of Americans
are affected by mental disorders daily. Psychiatry seems like an interesting career. Many
people in this world will say that they don't want to work with a mental patient, because
they are afraid that the mental patient might try to harm them. It would be interesting to
find out why many people are suffering from mental disorders.

Psychiatry deals with mental disorders.Mental disorders may affect most aspects
of a patient's life, including physical functioning, behavior, emotions, thought,
perception, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, work, and play. Disorders are often
seen as exaggerations of situations that healthy individuals experience. Examples of these
disorders are: depression, frighten, envious, or angry. These examples can only be seen as
mental disorders if they are continuous, excessive, and lead to self-destructive behavior.
Mental disorders seriously affect a person's ability to function and lead a happy
life. Psychiatry is one of the frontier areas of medicine. Also, psychiatry is one of the
oldest specialties. Psychiatry is the medical specialty that is concerned with the
treatment, prevention of mental disorders, and the diagnosis. A psychiatrist is basically a
physician that treats mental illnesses.
Psychiatrist's spend more than 48 hours a week at work. 60 percent of those 48
hours (28.8 hours) is spent with patients. Psychiatrist lead patients into a discussion about
the patient's life and feelings to get an understanding of what the patient goes through on
a daily basis. Psychiatrist use psychoanalysis as treatment for patients. Psychoanalysis is
specific method of investigating unconscious mental processes. Approximately 2.8
percent of the adult population suffer from severe mental illnesses.

The starting salary for being a psychiatrist is $95,500 and goes to $305,000.
Psychiatrist earn 0 percent to 30 percent bonuses. This information on salaries is for most
psychiatrist around the United States.

The required education for being a psychiatrist is basically like other medical
fields. The reason for that is because with most medical fields you have to do residency.

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To become a psychiatrist you must have completed a bachelor's degree plus a four-year
residency program. Psychiatry requires a doctor's degree, plus two - seven years of
post-graduate specialty training. Of the four years for the residency program, out of them
four years, four months will be spent in internal medicine, family medicine, and/ or
pediatrics. Also, two more months are spent in neurology. Becoming a psychiatrist you
also must have state licensure and a certification in psychiatry.

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