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Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology began in 1952 as a publication of the Joint Committee of the Music Teachers National Association and the American Musicological Society, chaired by Helen Hewitt. For many years thereafter, Dr. Hewitt maintained and expanded Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology through its second (1957 [1958]), third (1961), and fourth (1965) editions and various supplements for the Journal of the American Musicological Society and the American Music Teacher. Beginning in 1966, Cecil Adkins assumed responsibility for the publication, and under his direction Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology flourished for many years: a fifth edition appeared 1971; in 1977, a new edition appeared as the International Index of Dissertations and Musicological Works in Progress; in 1984, the second international edition returned to the original title Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, under the co-editorship of Cecil Adkins and Alis Dickinson; and in 1996, the second series, second cumulative edition appeared, once again under the co-editorship of Cecil Adkins and Alis Dickinson. The discipline of musicology remains enormously grateful to these three individuals for their long commitment to Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology.

In the mid-1990s, the Board of Directors of the American Musicological Society decided to move away from conventional publication of Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology in favor of electronic distribution of the information contained in this important and venerable reference tool. The AMS Committee on Technology discussed the issues at its meetings in 1994 and 1995, and a special Committee on DDM (comprised of Professors Thomas Bauman, David E. Crawford [chair], Thomas J. Mathiesen, and John H. Roberts) was eventually appointed to make a specific recommendation to the Board. The committee subsequently endorsed a proposal from the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum (TML) at Indiana University to develop the online version of Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, DDM-Online, beginning in the Fall of 1996.

The new office of DDM-Online officially opened under the direction of Professor Mathiesen in September 1996, with preliminary work on the design of the site undertaken during the preceding summer. Records of new dissertation topics and completed dissertations, submitted after the closing date for the publication of the 1996 cumulation of Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, were sent to Indiana University and entered in the new online resource. Over the years, all the records from the second international edition (1984) and from the second series, second cumulative edition (1996) of Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology were converted, updated, and incorporated into DDM-Online.

Professor Mathiesen served as director of DDM-Online from 1996 to Summer 2009, assisted by Dr. Nicholas M. Butler (1996-97), Professor Andreas Giger (1997-2000), and Dr. Peter Slemon (2000-2009). As Interim Director of the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature (CHMTL), which provides a home for DDM-Online, Dr. Slemon assumed responsibility for DDM-Online in the Summer of 2009.

In the winter of 2010 the AMS Board of Directors decided to move DDM from the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature, Indiana University, to the AMS office. In Summer 2010 Durrell Bowman scripted a wide range of search functions and installed DDM on the AMS web site.

Works in Progress

Joy-Leilani Garbutt, "Les femmes françaises et l'orgue: A Critical Examination of French Organ Literature by Women Composers, 1872-1954" (Ph.D. diss.).

David Mathers, "Communion Chants of the Easter Season: Text, Music, and Theology" (D.M.A. treatise, sacred music).

Caitlin Miller, "At the Intersection of Gender, Nationalism, and the Dangerous Woman: Lorelei in Nineteenth-Century Song" (Ph.D. diss.).

James Junipero Moore, O.P., "Episcopalian Tradition in the Midst of Reform: The Liturgical Works of Richard Wayne Dirksen" (D.M.A. treatise, sacred music).

Kenneth Stilwell, "The Poetics of Bourgeois Realism in the Late Songs of Robert Schumann" (Ph.D. diss.).



Christopher Booth, "Preexisting Music in Historical Fiction Film" (Ph.D. diss.).



Joseph Arthur Mann, '"In all the Factious Humours You Have Bred'": Music as Political Propaganda in Seventeenth-Century England" (Ph.D. diss.).


Anna Brashears, "Beyond Healing: The Limits of Nature, Creativity, and Wandering in Robert Schumann's Kerner Liederreihe, op. 35" (M.A. thesis).



David S. Hanner, "'Mexico's Foremost Composer': Nicolas Slonimsky and the Carlos Chávez Legacy" (M.A. thesis).

Karen Moses, "Nielsen, Hindemith, and Schoenberg: Foundations of the Twentieth-Century Wind Quintet" (Ph.D. diss.).

Sara M. Pecknold, "'On lightest leaves do I fly': Redemption and the Renewal of Identity in Barbara Strozzi's Sacri musicali affetti (1655)" (Ph.D. diss.).

Jennifer L. Seighman, "Catholic Choir School Models in the United States: Reinvigorating the Musico-Liturgical Life of the Church" (D.M.A. treatise, sacred music).

Karen Uslin, "Grasping at Hours of Freedom: Musical Life in the Terezín Concentration Camp" (Ph.D. diss.).

Ian Wardenski, "Harmonic and Phrase Rhythm Analysis of the Core Dance Movements from the Four Lute Suites of J.S. Bach" (Ph.D. diss.).

Matthew Condic Yost, "Tota Pulchra Es: Themes of the Immaculate Conception in Francisco Guerrero's Polyphony" (University Honors Program capstone thesis).

Laura Newman Yust, "The Place of Music in a German Renaissance Liberal Arts Education: A Cataloging and Contextual Description of Library of Congress MT5.5 .H47 1550" (M.A. thesis).



William H. Atwood, "The Influence of Plainchant on the Liturgical Music of Theodore Marier" (D.M.A. treatise, sacred music).

Rachel McNellis, "Defending the Immaculate Conception in Fifteenth-Century Cambrai: The Interaction of Iconography, Devotion, and Theology in Du Fay and Carlier's Recollectio Festorum Beatae Mariae Virginis" (M.A. thesis).

Philip Messing, "Making Them His Own: Musical Quotations in Shostakovich's Fifteenth Symphony" (B.M. thesis).



Deborah B. Crall, "Context and Commission in Large-Scale Texted Works of Libby Larsen" (Ph.D. diss.).



David Ottinger, "Music as Confrontation: Fin-de-siècle Vienna in the First Movement of Mahler's Third Symphony" (M.A. thesis).

Angeline Smith Van Evera, "Rediscovering Forgotten Meanings in Schubert's Song Cycles: Towards an Understanding of Well-Temperament as an Expressive Device in the Nineteenth-Century Lied" (Ph.D. diss.).



Eric Crawford, "The Negro Spiritual of Saint Helena Island: An Analysis of its Repertoire during the Periods 1860-1917, 1922-1939, and 1972-present" (Ph.D. diss.).

Alicia Kopfstein-Penk, "Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts: Contexts and Canons" (Ph.D. diss.).

Marilyn Maturani, "Passionate Ending: Reassessing the Original Finale of Schumann's Piano Sonata, Op. 22" (M.A. thesis).

Rachel McNellis, "The Dominican Office of the Most Holy Rosary: Textual, Musical, and Iconographic Representation of Mary as the New Eve" (B.M. thesis).

Kevin O'Brien, "Russell Woollen: Catalogue and Contextual Examination of the Sacred Music" (D.M.A. treatise, sacred music).



Nelson Niño, "Celso Garrido-Lecca: Synthesis and Syncretism in Concert Music of the Andes Area (1985-2000)" (Ph.D. diss.).



Katerina Lichtenwalter, "Elgar's Unintentional Modernism: The Aesthetics of Captivity in the Cello Concerto" (M.A. thesis).

Jami Moore, "Whether Today or Tomorrow: Plurality as a Factor of Time in Der Rosenkavalier" (M.A. thesis).



Lars Helgert, "Jazz Elements in Selected Concert Works of Leonard Bernstein: Sources, Reception, and Analysis" (Ph.D. diss.).

Matthew D. Morrison, "Disturbing the Groove: Towards a Critical Analysis and Cultural Consideration of Contemporary Rhythm & Blues" (M.A. thesis).



Alexandre Abdoulaev, "Nationalist, Neoclassical, or Both? The Examination of Nationalist and Neoclassical Trends in Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin" (M.A. thesis).

Sam Brian Dorsey, "Vihuela Intabulations of Josquin Masses: An Examination of Musical Texture and Musica Ficta" (Ph.D. diss.).

Christina Indianos Svilich, "The Doxastarion of Petros Lambadarios in the 'New Analytical Method': A Comparison of Second-Mode Melodies for a Byzantine Chant Genre" (M.A. thesis).

Richard Miller, "The Guitar in the Brazilian Choro: Analyses of Traditional, Solo, and Art Music" (Ph.D. diss.).



Stephanie Lawrence-White, "Musical Education at the Ospedale degli Innocenti, Florence" (Ph.D. diss.).

Stephanie Poxon, "From Sketches to Stage: The Genesis of Samuel Barber's Vanessa" (Ph.D. diss.).



Samuel Armstrong Schmitt, "The Paston Manuscripts in Context: A Study of Folger Shakespeare Library MSS V.a. 405-7" (Ph.D. diss.).



Mark Andrew Cook, "An Analytical Study of Paul Hindemith's Symphony, 'Die Harmonie der Welt'" (Ph.D. diss.).

Deborah Crall, "Charles Lewis Hutchins (1838-1920) and the Hymnals of the Protestant Episcopal Church" (M.A. thesis).

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