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Developing An Assisted Suicide Essay

Assisted suicide is a controversial issue that isn’t as heated as it once was in the last decade—the 2000s—but still lends itself to some rather heated discussion. The reason for the lack of mainstream interest and therefore attention on assisted suicide is that there has been no major catalyst even in recent times.

Writing an essay on assisted suicide requires a good deal of research and knowing what your thesis will be about the subject. If your objective is to defend a particular point on assisted suicide, you should pick a side; pick a topic within assisted suicide, and go to work on research and writing.

Here are the steps to getting started:

  • Ask questions and answer them.
  • Research.
  • Write.

We’ll just go into the first two as writing is self-explanatory. You want a strong introduction and a stronger closing with your points and facts being the body of your essay. Including proper formatting that the instructor assigns and you have the fundamentals for the writing portion of the essay.

Ask Questions, Answer Them

To develop your thesis statement—the main rallying point your essay will ride on—you’ll need to reflect on the subject overall and narrow it to a few topics. You can narrow assisted suicide by asking questions. A few questions that could be asked are:

  • What are the moral concerns about assisted suicide?
  • What are legal concerns and precedents on assisted suicide? Where is assisted suicide legal?
  • What is the general opinion on assisted suicide?
  • What position are health care professionals and hospitals put in concerning assisted suicide?
  • What are some of the reasons to consider assisted suicide?

Although many of these aren’t the strong questions that will give insightful reflection, they are decent building blocks that you could work with or give you an idea of the direction you should head in with the questions.

Answer your question and you’ll find your thesis statement.

As stated, your essay will ride on the thesis statement.


Research is extremely important for any essay whether it’s an argumentative one, a thesis essay, or what have you. If you’re unsure as to what you should research about assisted suicide, research everything.

  • The history
  • The law
  • Published accounts in the news
  • Psychological analysis

Research will give your thesis legs to stand on, so get as much information as possible.

Essay The Physician-Assisted Suicide Argument

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A policeman witnesses a man trapped underneath a burning truck. Desperate and in pain, the man asks the policeman to shoot him and save him the pain of dying a slow and insufferable death. As a result, he shoots. The policeman’s dilemma is commonly referenced in support of physician-assisted-suicide, or PAS. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are interchangeable terms which both lead to the death of an individual. Voluntary PAS is a medical professional, usually a physician, who provides medication or other procedures with the intention of ending the patient’s life. Voluntary PAS is the administration of medicine with the explicit consent from the patient. In terms of this paper, we focus on voluntary physician-assisted suicide in the…show more content…

In the Netherlands, 2.1% of those who requested assisted dying were those who were between 65-74 years old. The elderly who experienced Alzheimer’s, chronic illness and physical handicaps did not have a heightened risk of PAS. The vast majority of PAS were requested by 18-64 year old. Therefore, there is no current evidence to support the so-called slippery slope concern about the risk of abuse towards the elderly in physician-assisted suicides. Other slippery-slope claims are that the legalization of voluntary PAS will result in non-voluntary PAS and many PAS request are due to mental illness and depression (Boer 2007). Neither of these claims is supported by evidence and is false (Boer 2007, Battin 2007). 20% of PAS requests came from depressed patients; 0% progressed to PAS (Battin). Overall, the mere possibility of abuse towards the elderly is a extremely weak argument. The legal system is built upon placing restriction in order to avoid a slippery slope (Rubin 2010). Another claim is that increase in hospice care or palliative care will result in fewer requests of PAS (Boer 2007). Hospice focuses on the care of the terminally ill, while palliative is medical care focuses on relieving pain and unnecessary suffering. Palliative care can address most, but not all, end of life pain (Quill 2012). 95.1% of individuals who request PAS currently receive hospice care (Campbell). Therefore, hospice does not affect the desire for

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